WFS offers you the client the option to structure the type of order processing and distribution support that fits your operation and your budget. All of our service support is available on an a-la-carte basis. All you have to do is select what you need and Warehousing and Fulfillment will deliver the desired results. Some of the options for consideration are as follows:


WFS offers vast and tall warehouse solutions in Nashville, TN spanning 125,000 square feet to meet all your storage needs. Whether you have cartons and items on multiple pallets or you just want your cartons stored on shelves, we can do both. Trust WFS for reliable and professional warehousing services.

Order Processing and Fulfillment

Orders can be mailed to us, sent by email, electronically transferred through an FTP, or linked directly to our warehouse management system through an API connection with a shopping cart website like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix shopping cart.

Shipment Packaging

WFS provides services like product labeling and stickering, kit assembly, in-line packaging, insertion, and mass mailing services. We will work with you to get your packages exactly how you want your customers to receive them. Packaging costs on regular orders are a very small flat rate, and special work is charged on a job by job basis.

Returns Processing

WFS processes, grades, separates, and re-locates returns within the warehousing quickly and efficiently. We offer this as part of our order processing and regulard customer service support.

Transparency and Reporting

You will have 24-hour access to a portal where you can track inventory, see open orders, and verify shipments so you always know how we are doing in supporting your business. We aim to be as transparent as possible, and we want you to be assured that we put as much care into your orders and inventory as you would.