Inventory and Order Management

Our inventory and order management system can seem very complex on the back end, but we will make it extremely simple for you. You will get access to a portal that will give you visibility to inventory counts and reports that are completely live and what is in the warehouse at that specific time. For our booksellers and publisher clients, we have a separate portal that will show you the inventory of your books that are for sale at that very moment to all of the big retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. This separate portal also allows you to see all invoices we have issued to retailers on your behalf as well as any open orders that may not have been shipped yet but are being processed.

Integrations Available

Our Warehouse Management systems allow us to integrate into various hosted shopping cart platforms to automatically pull orders in and get them processed. This cuts down on human errors such as forgetting to pull the orders or incorrectly entering an order into the system for an email for example. The system can integrate with shopping cart websites such as SHOPIFY, WOOCOMMERCE, WIX, ETSY E-COMMERCE, EBAY, SQUARE, SQUARESPACE, AMAZON, WALMART, and many others. If your shopping cart host is not on that list, we can accommodate other integrations as well through FTP sites and other various methods. We are also set up to electronically receive orders and send out invoices to the major book retailers like AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, INGRAM, etc.